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Sire and Dams

Our breeding stock has been carefully selected, with dogs imported from around the world, guaranteeing their accomplished pedigree. These magnificent dogs were used as watch/guard dogs by the ancient people of Thailand for centuries. Thai Ridgebacks are one of a handful of genetically pure dogs left in the entire world. We would be honored to introduce you to one of these incredible companions!

Our Sire



Meet our handsome boy, Gibson. Most who are introduced to him would describe him as "Regal" and is complemented often on his stunning ridge. Gibson is currently two years old and was imported from Poland.

Our Dams



Meet our first Thai, Delilah. She stole our heart and instilled our love for this majestic breed. Delilah would be considered our most intense female and is always on guard, as expected by this breed.



Meet Caroline, our most social and outgoing female. Some would even call her our Mayor, the way she confidently prances around with her interactive personality.



Meet Penelope, our most petite female weighing just over 40 pounds but boasts the biggest personality. She has a short velvet coat which is sleek and silky soft to the touch. 

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