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Meet the Breeders

Tracy & Roger Johnson

Trogers is a small family run kennel owned by Tracy and Roger (Troger) Johnson. Roger is the primary caretaker for all our dogs with the help from many animal loving volunteers. Our dogs are AKC Foundation Stock and ALL live with us in our home. As dedicated preservation breeders, we are committed to ensuring this majestic breed is properly populated according to AKC standards. Our kennel is nestled amongst 33-acres surrounded by the beautiful Adirondack mountains where our four-legged fur-ever friends simply enjoy exploring.

As responsible breeders preserving the rare ancient Thai Ridgeback, our breeding program adheres to AKC  standards as we, “Breed to Improve”. You will find the highest priority of our breeding selection focused on temperament and confirmation. Our goal as preservation breeders is not just to ensure we are contributing to the quality of this stunning breed but also to you, as our lifelong extended family. In the event you are no longer able to keep your Trogers Thai, we ask that you please reach out to us to arrange transporting your pal back to our care. We do not want to see any of our placed pups in a shelter which is why we perform extensive background screening. We want to ensure your knowledge of this breed, are aware of their primitive behaviors and how imperative it is to engage in socialization and obedience programs. Trogers commitment to you is to offer continued resources and support to both you and your fur-ever pal.



At Trogers Thai Ridgebacks, we are dedicated to raising healthy and happy Thai Ridgeback puppies. Our small family operated kennel allows us to provide our puppies with the individualized attention they deserve. We are committed to the highest standards of care and ensure that all of our puppies are raised in a loving environment. Our puppies are 100% purebred and come from champion bloodlines. We strive to produce puppies that embody the characteristics that make Thai Ridgebacks such a special breed. We invite you to visit us and learn more about our puppies.



Our puppies are 100% purebred and come from champion bloodlines. We are dedicated to producing puppies that are healthy, well-socialized, and have the unique characteristics that make Thai Ridgebacks such a special breed. Our puppies are raised on a diet of high-quality food and receive regular veterinary care. We believe in responsible breeding practices and ensure that our puppies are placed in loving homes with responsible owners.

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