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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have any puppies available now?
    Yes, we recently had a litter and have puppies looking for their fur-ever home.
  • How can I reserve a puppy I saw on your "Available Puppies" page?
    Complete the adoption application so we may contact you with next steps to reserve your Thai Ridgeback puppy.
  • How can I get on your waiting list?
    That is easy. You just need to complete and submit a "Puppy Application". Once you are approved you may reserve a spot on our waiting list. These funds will be applied towards your deposit, once you choose your puppy.
  • Does is cost anything to be on your waiting list?
    Yes, there is a $100 deposit which reserves your spot with our next planned litter. The deposit is 100% transferrable from one litter to another. You will never lose your deposit with Trogers.
  • How does the order to choose a puppy work?
    To ensure fairness, we use our waiting list and can share with you in advance where you are on the list once a litter is born. So, yes it is best to get on our waiting list. We love to post pictures of our new babies so you will always have lots of photos as your puppy grows each week.
  • How do I secure my puppy?
    Once your puppy is born a $500 deposit is required to secure your puppy. If you were on our waiting list, that $100 will transfer over and the $400 balance will be due. Again, any and all deposits are always transferrable from one litter to another.
  • Do you assist with transportation?
    We are happy to assist you with transportation options to ensure your new fur-ever pal makes it home safely to you, all you have to do is ask. We can provide you with our local airports to consider flying to pick up your puppy or we could provide you with nanny transportation contact information. We will only provide you with transport companies that have picked up our puppies in the past that we identified as being superior and professional. Most times this option costs less than air travel.
  • When do I get to take my puppy home?
    The absolute earliest we allow any puppy to transition to their fur-ever home is at 8 weeks old. This also depends on how old your puppy is when being transported (i.e., local delivery, picking up directly from the kennel, nanny transport, airline travel, etc.). Depending on your airline will depend on the puppies age due to vaccine requirements. This will be your responsibility to research however we are available to assist, upon your request.
  • How do I pick my puppy?
    Once the puppies are born you can make a wish list based from that litter. However, puppies appearances change throughout the weeks and so does their personality. Therefore, we perform a temperament test around 7 weeks old and based on your lifestyle, submitted via your application, we will present you with all those puppies who will best suit your lifestyle to choose your fur-ever friend.
  • Our step-by-step process when adopting a puppy
    Outlined below is the general process from beginning to end: Complete the puppy application Choose your puppy Reserve your puppy with a deposit (if you were on our waiting list ALL funds are applied towards your deposit) Puppy adoption agreement is emailed for your review and signature Arrange transportation Puppy goes for their vet health certification check Remaining adoption fee is paid Your puppy can make its way home to you!

Would you like to be notified when we are planning our next litter?

If you would like to receive an email or text notification when we are planning our next litter or once we confirm we are expecting a litter, please complete the request below.

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